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the eighth square

The Misadventures of Backwards Kneecap Girl
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"When you get to
the 8th square,
you'll be a queen."

- Through the Looking Glass

name: michelle
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media journal: 6thextinction
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  • 43 things
  • improbable research
  • graffiti
  • fashion

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    a clockwork orange, a scanner darkly, alchemy, all about lily chou-chou, american beauty, american history x, androgyny, anime, apple turnovers, art, atheism, babylon 5, battle royale, behaviorism, boondock saints, boys in glitter, brick, buffy the vampire slayer, but i’m a cheerleader, camp, chai, chocolate, clemintines, coffee, conspiracy, csi, cult movies, death proof, decadence, dexter, dinosaurs, down with love, dr. who, dreams, edward norton, existentialism, fanfic, fern gully, fight club, film, firefly, garden state, george orwell, ghost world, gilmore girls, glam rock, glitter, graphic art, gummo, hard candy, harold and maude, heathers, high fidelity, hot chocolate with marshmallows, howl’s moving castle, humanism, i heart huckabees, infinity, jane austen, jellyfish, jung, kurt vonnegut, literature, lord of the rings, metaphysics, music, nihilism, no strings, paranoia, party monster, passion, philidelphia story, philosophy, pinstripes, poetry, pop culture, princess mononoke, psychoanalysis, pulp fiction, quills, reefer madness, requiem for a dream, reservoir dogs, rhythm, rocky horror picture show, romance, rushmore, sailor moon, sarcasm, scepticism, science fiction, semantics, shakespeare, silence of the lambs, slash, snark, space exploration, swing music, the fountianhead, the labyrinth, the occasional smirking revenge, the west wing, theatre, thrift stores, time travel, twelve monkeys, v for vendetta, velvet goldmine, vulgar conversations, weeds, welcome to dongmakgol, wes anderson, wolf's rain, writing, x-files, xena


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